What Is The Best Color For Sun Protection? 99% Of People Are Wrong

white color

Normally, people think that the light color of the clothes is the best color for Sun protection. So once in the summer, the light-colored costumes are full of eyes. Recently, Researchers have concluded through experiments that wearing dark clothes in the summer days has the best sun protection effect.

light color

In fact, the coolest clothes color is black. Everyone thinks that white color cool is purely psychological, there is no physical theory.

The human body has the function of perspiration and emitting heat. Black cotton clothes cannot only absorb sweat but also absorb most of the infrared rays emitted by the outside world and the human body. So relatively speaking, light-color clothes such as white are instead emitting infrared rays, which is not good for the body to dissipate heat.

The most sun-screening color is red because the red light wave is the longest, it can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays in sunlight. And another color is relatively weak, so wearing red clothes in the summer can block UV rays and prevent skin from being sunburned.

red color

Previously, the Textile Department of the “Good Housekeeper” Institute of the United States tested the summer clothes on the market and found that most of the clothes were almost unable to withstand UV rays. Unlike people’s imagination, white color has poor UV protection. For example, a white color cotton T-shirt has only an SPF value of 5-7, compared to darker clothes with strong sun protection.

white color

In addition, a study by Harvard University in the United States also showed that wearing black clothes is more coolest that white clothes during the hot summer months. This is because the body’s heat can be radiated outward by radiation, conduction, convection, and evaporation.

Although black clothes absorb more heat than white clothes, the absorbed heat can become the power of air convection in clothes.

black color is The Best Color For Sun Protection

Just like in the afternoon of summer, the ground is heated and it is easy to form partial convection and even bring thunderstorms. The air convection inside the clothes can also take away the sweat and part of the heat on the skin surface, and the human body naturally feels cool.

dark color dress

Experts also stressed that dark clothes should be looser, which can enhance “convection”. In addition, research has shown that after sweating, the T-shirts’ anti-sun ability will be reduced by 1/3, as is the dark T-shirts. Therefore, you can choose a dry, loose and dark dress to help you through the hot summer.

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